Tuesday, March 2, 2010


1) Determination.
how we create a strength to overcome the obstacle whenever we dont expected it.

2) Readiness.
to overcome the obstacle , we need a preparation in mentality and pysicality.
this situation will rise our curious to know something new. it also useful to understand
the barriers to create a solution for all problems that has formed.However,

3) willingness.
Solutions for each obstacle has a value of sacrifice that we need to tempuhi with redha and ready. When we were ready to go through and know what to dikorban to achieve solutions to obstacles that the challenger Value 4: Acceptance play an important role.

4) : Acceptance
Acceptance of things that need to get dikorban solution of obstacles will facilitate mental
and physical shape our readiness through obstacles. To receive these situations we need to realize where we are and what we would expect that the value 5: Sense of belonging can be formed in us ..

5) Sense of Belonging...
Shaping value has owned and will make your mind and become physically stronger and more robust. This value will be formed when we can create value 1 to value 4. This process will strengthen ourselves to support and further develop the network in the life consisting of friends and family members. This value will also put us in a safe zone for us to deal with obstacles that challenger. Once we control all these values, then we can form value distinction in ourselves .. So .. tepuk minds, hearts tanyalah where our needs and desires. ..

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