Friday, January 29, 2010

summary of fruitcake special !

A chemist woman who works at the Amos cosmetics factory in New Jersey, USA trying to discover a new perfume. One day she threw her fruitcake which was her lunch in to the mix with all the other things. It smells wonderful so she tried it on her. Not too long, her boss who is a handsome English guy never saying nice thing to ordinary girl like her asked her to have a dinner with him. That would be because of fruitcake. Her boss always lost control of himself when he smelt that perfume. If does not put it on her, she will not be attractive anymore.

taken here !


  1. Hi..since you have ample time in your hand, why don't you update us with your latest project or interesting stuffs that you are doing in Ipoh!

  2. And I like the view...Hong Kong at nite during the light show taken from "Bukit Taiping"..!!

    been there and saw it!

  3. what a nice background..
    a good picture..
    i like MCR band